Sunday, November 7, 2010

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

I am still alive!  I didn't realize how wonderfully simple my life has been until these past few months when it  turned into some kind of made for T.V. movie the ending result was I walked out on a really good paying  job and then had to go home and tell my family we need to get our "will work for food" signs made up. I have had some rocky months but nothings killed me yet so we are going to be just fine and I am back posting again.

  We had our first frost here this last week and I picked my last peppers Nov. 4th.  I wasn't able to get anything planted for the fall but some radishes and some leaf lettuce.  I'm already thinking about winter sowing,  the few plants I tried last season all did really well even the tomato plants.  I'm hoping to sit down and this week sometime and go through what did well in my garden, what didn't and what things I need to do different. I know I need to be better prepared for those pesky SVB and fruit worms.  I'm also building my mom a small garden for next season.  I am making her a trash can composter using this guide I didn't make my holes as big but I made more holes and  put them closer together I need to add more but my little drill ran out of power on me, not to bad for my first project.  I want to be like Our Engineered Garden  when I grow up, he does some great projects and has some great ideas on his blog.
not to fancy but it should do the trick



  1. Hi Jeana - sorry to hear about your (former) workplace drama, but glad to hear that you're still doing well. Missed your posts in the garden blogging world!

    It's great that you made the trash can composter for your mom. I've pretty much taken over my mom's small garden in CA and have turned it into my vegetable garden #2. :-) I'll be spending a couple of weeks in CA later this months, and will be posting garden news from there, since my Indiana garden has just about shut down for the winter.

    Good to see you back!

  2. Hi thyme2garden, That is great that you will be able to garden in CA. My garden has pretty much shut down also I planted garlic for next spring and I really need to get my garden beds cleaned up for winter.