Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starting to build my ark!

I know you really shouldn't work around your plants when they are wet but I can't tell you when my garden hasn't been wet this season.  I harvested some lettuce, spinach, green onions, garlic and some herbs yesterday, which is a good thing because we got 9" of rain last night and more rain and thunderstorms to come today and tomorrow. 
May 23rd harvest
Summer Squash

Black Krim tomato plants

Some herbs growing next to the back deck
I have been pretty lucky with the garden this season so far I haven't had to replant anything because all of the rain.  I know people that are planting there garden for the third time (I think I would just call it quits).  I am going to go ahead and pull the rest of my garlic today, they are just floating in mud and I'm scared they are going to rot.  You should really stop watering a few weeks before harvesting garlic, too much water will shorten storage life.  Here is a link about growing garlic

I'm complaining so much about our rain and crazy weather but I know I'm so very lucky.  My heart goes out to the tornado victims in Alabama and Missouri.  I have a friend who lost her sister in the Joplin tornado she was pulled from her home and died at the hospital because of blood loss they had ran out of blood.  I am going this afternoon to donate blood, my son donated yesterday.  I try to give every few months, I just love all the compliments I get when I give blood like "my your veins are so big and nice" and "oh how wonderful your type O blood" I just love all the attention....he he he.   I do forget sometimes and I really need to remember to go and give more often so I will be marking it on the calendar as a blood donating date with the husband.  http://www.redcrossblood.org/
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone stays safe. 


  1. Gosh, that's just awful about the wet spring y'all are having..however, your plants look wonderful..

  2. I have been lucky with my plants, I know I'm going to be dealing with some mildew if they don't drown.