Monday, June 20, 2011

Squash Bugs, Grasshoppers, & Father-in-laws!

 I have been biting my tongue this weekend because kicking a 65 year old man in the shins on Fathers Day  would not be good but my father-in-law picked and took my FIRST RIPE TOMATO!!!!!  I would go out to the garden just waiting for that moment of perfect ripeness.  I was so ready to slice into that tomato and taste it but when I went to the store my father-in-law went and helped himself to my squash, my basil, cucumbers, and some onions and the one ripe tomato that I had.  I know I sound awful but I have tried to help him start his own small garden I always take him all kinds of goodies from my garden and I would let him pick what he wanted if he would just ASK!  The man says he doesn't want a garden because he doesn't like messing with one.  HE JUST HAS TO ASK!  I hate going out there and thinking I'm going to pick something to toss in a salad or dip in some batter to fry up for dinner and it's gone he does this all the time I'm so tired of it!            OKAY...... my rant is over... now a 65 year old man will not get kicked in the shins.

I did get to harvest some despite squash bugs, grasshoppers and FIL.

I'm linking up with Harvest Monday @ Daphne's Dandelions

I hope everyone had a great weekend and the bugs stayed away!


  1. ha! Darn old man ;-)

    Those onions look spectacular! I wish I could get mine to grow that well.

  2. A wonderful looking harvest in spite of the father-in-law! Next time he comes around, hand him a shovel and tell him to work for his dinner ;-) Or, better yet, go to his house and take stuff out of his refrigerator for your dinner!

  3. I like Granny's solution Take things out of his fridge for you dinner. lol That would be justice. Especially if it was a just bought pint of ice cream waiting to be eaten. Though I'm not sure even that would compare to the first tomato of the year. Well at least console yourself that the first tomato is really never the best tasting one. Those come later in the season.

    And beautiful harvests regardless. Those onions look wonderful.

  4. I'm glad your FIL was spared, but man, that would make me mad, too!

    Your red onions sized up really well. Did you grow them from seed, plants or bulbs? I grew mine from bulbs (those mini onions) but I don't think they are in any hurry to size up yet. They are great as green onions, but I would like to see some bulbing action in my garden, too!