Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden Update & Lamp Shade Redo.

We had a little relief from the triple digit heat  that we have been having, yesterday we got a 1/2" rain....woot woot I was catching rain in anything that could hold water...(I have got to get a rain barrel).  I took some pictures of my plants growing in my yard and I just remembered I didn't take any of my tomato plants I have been picking a few ripe tomatoes.  I think maybe the heat is causing them not to ripen like normal because they look healthy and I have a lot of green tomatoes on them I will have to do a little researching about ripening tomatoes.
Eggplants and Peppers 

Sweet Potatoes
Yolo Bell Pepper
Blushing Beauty Bell Peppers
Lavender Touch Eggplant
Basil and Mini Bell Peppers growing in whiskey barrel
I have been getting up at 5:30am....(yessss 5:30am) to water everything and do any yard work before it gets hot so I have been stuck inside in the afternoon and thought I would start to organize my sewing and craft room which only last until I find a treasure I forgot about having and then all organizing goes out the window.  I found an old lamp shade and I needed a lamp shade for my craft room I decided to "kill two birds with one stone" since all my money is going to the water department  I couldn't go out and buy a new one so I made me a cute one for my craft room with out spending any money which makes me, the husband, the plants all happy.
Sorry about the blurry picture but my creative juices were flowing.
Lamp shade before
Some of the fabrics and lace that I used for the lamp shade. The dress I bought at Goodwill a couple of months ago I just bought it for the print I knew I could make something out of it.  The quilt blocks were my great-grams they are all hand stitched she could sit and piece quilts while babysitting all her great-grand-babies and cooking and cleaning and whippin all our butts with that damn flies swatter or whackin us with that damn yard stick nothing got by her anywayyy..... I took the ones that had stains and used them on the lamp shade since I could hide the stains on the lamp shade. 

Lamp Shade after

Me----New lamp shade
Hubby --------No money spent
Two birds with one stone.

Update: 07/28/2011
I was so excited about my lamp shade I forgot to post my little harvest from yesterday.
Harvest 07/27/2011

Linky Parties 


  1. LOL :) I LOVE the lampshade! I love anything that looks patch-worky!

  2. The garden looks great, but the lamp shade looks fantastic!

  3. Allison, Thank you. I think everything in my craft room is

    Granny, Thank you. I wasn't to sure about it when I got half way through it but by the time I put the last piece of fabric on it...I loved it.

  4. Your garden is amazing and your lampshade is wonderful! Thanks for linking up to this week's BFF Link Party.

  5. Thank you for hosting BFF linky party.

  6. Wow, what a great garden you have!! I'm so jealous. Our little yard is not really garden-friendly, but I'd love to start a container garden! I wish I could send some of our rain your way---we've had rain for the last 3 days! It's sort of driving me crazy. I LOVE that lampshade! I had one that needs a re-do and I'm sure my hubby would appreciate me not spending any money as well! Ha!

  7. Meg, You just send all the rain you want my way!

  8. Nice garden ---- it's been a hard summer in Oklahoma. Lots of tomato blooms, but way too hot for them to set any fruit.