Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let Spring Begin!

I started some lettuce, broccoli, tomato, pepper, and parsley seeds indoors using peat pellets that someone gave me I was a bit worried about using them because I kept hearing how they were bad about causing damping off but my tomatoes started sprouting in 4 days.  I  followed the directions that came with the pellets about adding warm water to them but that is pretty much where I stopped following directions after I watered them with warm weak chamomile tea to help prevent damping off I let the pellets sit for about a day and made sure they were wet all the way to the middle and also to get my nerve up to plant seeds in them like I said I was not real sure about using them but they worked great.  I will have to pot them up soon because I don't think the pellets are big enough for the roots of the plants.  I also will go ahead and pull the netting off before I pot them up because I found a picture of what can happen if you don't remove the netting.  I also heard that watering was an issue but once they expanded fully I covered them with clear plastic and I didn't have any problems.
Roots on a pepper

Here are my tips about using peat pellets to start seeds:
1.  Make sure they are wet all the way to the middle.
2.  I used warm weak chamomile tea to water the peat pellets.
3. Keep them covered until you see the seeds sprouting up.
4. When you pot them up remove the netting, it pulls off pretty easy.
Here is also a video that is really good.

I hope this helps anyone trying peat pellets for the first time.  

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  1. That is truly nice post! I believe that peat pellets are indeed helping, as far as I watched on my own! Hope you'll continue using them!