Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I just started this blogging mainly to organize my thoughts I guess you would say, I have also taken up photography and gardening.....then it hit me why I have this free time to do stuff for me. I am becoming a empty nester I guess that is what you call it when your kids quit wanting to play with you and they know longer wait outside the bathroom door calling your name over and over again until you answer them and then they ask "whatca doin?". That always drove me crazy and I use to complain that I didn't even get piece in the bathroom, well know one is calling mommy through my bathroom door to see what I'm doing. I have 1 teenager left at home and he is driving now, so I don't have to drive anyone anywhere. Well I guess 2010 is going to be year of new trying new things. I am getting all wrapped up in planning my garden and trying to narrow down my plants for the garden is freakin hard when you start looking through all those catalogs and you want to try everything in them so I will be posting a lot about gardening. I'm trying to learn more about blogging so I can make this a little more organized.
I hope everyone has a great New Years and an even better 2010.

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