Friday, July 9, 2010

A Break from the Heat

When mother nature turns up the heat folks around here have a difficult time getting their tomatoes that are planted in containers or in the ground for that matter to set fruit because of the hot weather and high humidity even if they have been very careful to avoid excess nitrogen.  Most years you can't do to much about it. Sometimes,  during these heat waves we get a "cold front" come through if these "cold fronts" drop your daytime and nighttime highs back down about 92 for day time and about 75 at night you can have additional blooming and fruit set on your tomatoes. About 5 days before this "cold front" comes through if you can  feed your  tomatoes with some kind of bloom booster to help them along. I didn't get to feed mine until about 2 days before the "cold front" came through but I'm hoping it will help.

Here are some pictures from around the yard of plants that are still blooming even in our heat.

Bachelor button (Blue Boy)

Cucumbers (Homemade pickles)

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