Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Harvest 07-12-10

I ran out in a rain storm to grab this harvest so I could make lasagna the picture isn't that great.

I am fighting a bad case of downy mildew on my tomatoes and cucumbers this is my first battle with this and I DON'T LIKE IT!  I'm sure our weather hasn't helped matters it is either blazing hot or pouring rain.  I think that is the same reason why my tomatoes are cracking.  It is true what they say about Oklahoma weather "if you don't like the weather just wait a minute." I didn't get to get a picture of the cucumbers because my boys got to them first.  My father-in-law got to my first sweet peppers of the season also before I could  I think I'm going to invest in a electric fence forget the deer and rabbits I have to worry about the family cleaning me out....ha ha ha. 

I have let some the dill go to the caterpillars so I might get to see some of them change into butterflies.

Well I'm off to see every ones great harvest over at Daphne's Dandelions


  1. The tomatoes look great and that catepillar pic is awesome!!

  2. I have never seen that many caterpillars on one plant. The swallow tail butterfly is supposed to make it's cocoon on woody material. i had about 5 of them last year but never found where they went to make the cocoon. If you watch them throughout the next phase, please post a picture. - OH great harvest and beautiful tomatoes.

  3. I had to do a double take on that first picture because my eyes couldn't believe that those were all caterpillars on your dill! Wow. As long as they are staying where you want them to stay, I guess it's not so bad? Your tomatoes are really nice!

  4. beautiful picture of the basket full of goodies! Cool caterpillars, I wonder what they will look like when they turn into butterflies?? Thanks for sharing.

  5. I always give some of my dill to the caterpillars too. I just love to watch them grow up.

  6. Allison. Thanks. Those were the tomatoes I picked after having high heat and humidity I would just touch them and they would start to split, very weird.

    Johanna. I have been trying to keep an eye on them I have some woody plants around them so I hope they just go there to make their cocoons. I have pictures of when they were really small.

    Thyme2garden. I am trying to keep them off my other plants and so far they have stayed on my mammoth dill I had to relocate one I found on my parsley.

    Lori, Thank you. I am hoping to get some pictures as they turn into butterflies.

    Daphne. This is my first year to have this many caterpillars so hopefully I will get a few more pictures they grow really fast.