Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tigers and Bears and Garden Planning OH MY!

I am trying to plan my first real in the ground garden and between the average frost date and the spacing of the plants and  when to plant and what plant can grow with what plant and now I can't log in to a forum I found that I just love and was getting some great advice from I am just about to throw the seeds in the dirt and see what happens....just kidding.  Gardening is so freakin addicting and I'm not an addiction type of person but when I started getting the seed catalogs and then started to get info off the web and then met all these wonderful enablers in the Oklahoma garden forum well lets just say I might need some kind of professional help.  I will figure this all out I'm sure.  I do have a plant list so I do have a start.
Plants for 2010 garden:
Bush Early Girl
Martino's Rome
Black Cherry
Black Krim

Lavender Touch

Marconi Red
Marconi Gold
Mucho Nacho Jalapeno
Blushing Beauty
Roumanian Rainbow
California Wonder

Radishes (not sure what type)
Carrots (not sure what type)
Hard neck garlic
Onions (not sure what type)
leaf lettuce (not sure what type)

I'm sure there will be more added and some changed but for now I have a start.
A lot of what I'm planting is seeds I already have on hand.
Well I'm off to try to log into the garden web and get my daily fix.

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